Play Unity games through your browser

How to embed GameLoad player on my website?

There are two possible ways:

1. Without Chrome extension (works in all major browsers)

  • Advantages: The user doesn’t need to install the extension to the browser.
  • Disadvantages: In this case it is not possible to detect whether the user has installed GameLoad. Therefore, installation button must be visible.


2. Using Chrome extension (works only when using Chrome)

  • Advantages: It is enough to place a link for installing the extension and the extension will take care of everything else.
  • Disadvantages: Besides installing the extension, it is also necessary to install the program. But you don’t have to worry about this because the extension will itself offer the installation of the program.




1. Why does the program need to be installed?

Because Google no longer supports plugins like Unity Web Player, it is impossible to launch them directly in Chrome.

2. Besides the Gameload program and extension, do I have to install anything else?

If you have already installed Unity Web Player, no other programs are necessary and you can start Unity games using Chrome.

3. Will Gameload work for my website?

It will. If Gameload finds on your website the code for a Unity game, it will automatically be possible to start the game in Gameload. If you need some specific settings, more information can be found on our website.

4. What if Gameload doesn’t work?

In case Gameload doesn’t work on your favourite website, you can simply report the problem using the little icon in the top-right corner and we will try to solve it.